mercredi 4 juillet 2012

FunkySunday présente Mr Printables

Mr Printables est un site entièrement gratuit qui propose toutes sortes d'activités ludiques et colorées à télécharger et à découper. Des jeux, des cartons d'invitation, des petits sachets de bonbons... De quoi occuper vos bambins un bon bout de temps. C'est joli, coloré mais aussi éducatif!

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Mr Printables is a friendly site offering free printables for children, parents and teachers. We love designing, drawing, crafting with paper and creating things for children which naturally led us to start our site. 

In a world chock full of junk toys and mindless entertainment that can sometimes overwhelm our children, we hope our home made projects get back to basics encouraging real hands on fun and learning for the whole family. From preschool learning, creative craft templates to stuff for children's parties, we aim to offer high quality designs anyone can enjoy with children for free whether at home or in the classroom.

We aim to have the best free printable projects for parents and teachers on the web (probably in the very long term!), always great designs and new inventive paper crafts. We try to add exciting new stuff whenever we can so please keep visiting us to see what's new.

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