jeudi 4 octobre 2012

The house of my dreams: Keeping things tidy with bookends

1. Cork Planter Bookend Set by
2. Serre-livres arbre rouge par DesignAtelierArticle
3. BookEnds of the Earth, par GarthBorovickaDesign
4. Tsunami bookend via

1. Rabbit bookends, via
2. Ballon dogs bookend, chez
3. Splited cow bookend by
4. Vintage brass impala bookends chez Kylie Wilke

1. Wooden Alphabet Bookend by graphicspaceswood
2. Brackets bookends by DesignAtelierArticle
3. That's all folks bookend via
4. Type bookends by

1. Colour mix bookends by
2. Matthew Industrial Bookends by whOreHaus
3. Clouds bookends by
4. Book Binder by

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